Members F.A.Q

Q: How do I use Survey Rewards Online?

A: You will sign-up with all of the companies in the paid survey database.

Q: I signed up for all the market research companies… Now what?

A: After signing up with the market research companies it is important that you answer every single survey they send you be it paid or not. Make sure to answer the surveys with the correct information. These introductory surveys the market research companies send you are crucial for your survey taking success. They send these surveys to weed out people who are not serious as they only want people on their survey panel who are truthful and serious about the online surveys they take.

Q: How long does it take for the surveys to start coming in?

A: After you’ve signed-up for all the market research companies and filled out the introductory screener surveys you will start to get some cash paying survey invitations to your inbox within weeks. It is important you answer every survey invitation fast and prompt as the quicker you answer the surveys the more serious the market research companies know you are… In turn they will send you more survey invites.
The survey invites may not come overnight… And the initial screener surveys the companies send out to you may not be that lucrative. But, it’s imperative you treat these seriously and answer them with the utmost urgency, as the long term profits will come from the work you’re doing now.

Q: What is a “Screener Survey”

A: Screener surveys are introductory surveys the market research companies send you upon enrolling into their databases from Top Paying Surveys. These surveys normally have minimal payouts but are designed to get to know what kind of person & demographic you fall under. The reason they do these surveys is brand advertisers pay well for certain demographics. It doesn’t matter where you fall as there are bound to be many surveys tailored towards your demographic. Its just important you fill out the screener surveys honestly. As they will know based on the answers to future surveys if you lied on the screen surveys (which can be a real big roadblock for your survey taking success)